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NOTE: Only Applicable for Applications Submitted in Nairobi


Prequalification/Registration Of Suppliers For Supply /Provision Of Goods And Services F/Y-2010-2011

The Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons invites application for the Prequalification/Registration of suppliers from interested eligible bidders for supply/provision for various goods and services to various departments within the Ministry for the financial year 2010-2011 under the following categories:


Item Description

1. MIRP/PQ/01/2010-2011

Supply and Delivery of General office Stationery, Computer Stationary Software, consumables and Accessories.

2. MIRP/PQ/02/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Computers, printers, UPS and Computer Software
3. MIRP/PQ/03/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture and other Office Equipments.
4. MIRP/PQ/04/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniforms, Curtains, Linen and CMT changes
5. MIRP/PQ/05/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Newspapers, Magazines and periodicals
6. MIRP/PQ/06/2010-2011 Supply of Office Fresh Potted Flowers
7. MIRP/PQ/07/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Tyres, Tubes and Batteries
8. MIRP/PQ/08/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of  Petrol, Oil and Lubricants
9. MIRP/PQ/09/2010-2011

Supply and Delivery of IT equipment  and Telecommunication equipment, telephone heads; Accessories and credit cards

10.MIRP/PQ/10/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Microfilm Equipments and Accessories
11.MIRP/PQ/11/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of ICT networking Equipments
12.MIRP/PQ/12/2010-2011 Supply and Delivery of Air condition Equipments

Supply and Delivery of fingerprint ink and photo cutters, photographic paper, digital camera

14 MIRP/PQ/14/2010-2011

Supply and Delivery of emergency relief items (Foods, blankets, medicine, tents and other temporary shelters & food and rations for refugees

15.MIRP/PQ/15/2010-2011 Provision of printing, Publishing services and Binding of registers.
16.MIRP/PQ/16/2010-2011 Provision of Air Travel Agency Services (only IATA registered Firms).
17.MIRP/PQ/17/2010-2011 Provision of Cleaning, fumigation & Pest control services.
18.MIRP/PQ/18/2010-2011 Repair & maintenance of PABX and telephone equipments.

Repair & maintenance of computers, Printers, and other office Equipments


Repair & maintenance of microfilm equipment, passport printers & accessories.

21.MIRP/PQ/21/2010-2011 Repair & maintenance of air Conditioning equipment.
22.MIRP/PQ/22/2010-2011 Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing  Service.
23. MIRP/PQ/23/2010-2011 Hire of Transport Services
24.MIRP/PQ/24/2010-2011 Provision of Catering Services
25.MIRP/PQ/25/2010-2011 Supply of Cleaning materials, Detergents and disinfectants
26.MIRP/PQ/26/2010-2011 Provision of cleaning of upholstery, curtains and netting
27.MIRP/PQ/27/2010-2011 Provision of Security Guard Services
28.MIRP/PQ/28/2010-2011 Supply of Library books

Management and Research Consultants on Baseline Surveys, Opining polls, Research, Customer Satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Drug Abuse, Work Environment, Integrity etc

The Prequalification/Registration documents detailing relevant terms and conditions may be obtained from the procurement office, Door No. G-17, ground floor, Southern Wing, Nyayo House, during working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kenya Shillings two thousand (Kshs. 2,000/=) per each set of document.  Payment can be made in form of  cash or bankers’ cheque payable to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons.

Duly completed prequalification documents in plain sealed envelopes with the appropriate category,
reference number and Item Description and marked on top pre-qualification/registration  of suppliers’ should be deposited in the tender box located on the ground floor, southern wing or addressed to :-

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of State for Immigration and
Registration of Persons,
P.O.  BOX 30395-00100,

So as to reach him on or before 25th August,2010 AT 10.00 A.M.  The Prequalification/Registration documents shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the applicants who choose to attend.

The Ministry reserves the right to accept or reject a tender in whole or in part and is not bound to give reasons whatsoever for its decisions.


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