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Kenya Citizens and Foreign Nationals Management Service Logo Competition

The Kenya Citizens and Foreign Nationals and Management Service is a State Corporation established under an Act of Parliament of 2011 to take over the core functions of the Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons.

The Management Service brings under its ambit all services undertaken by Department of Immigration, National Registration Bureau, Civil Registration Department, Department of Refugee Affairs and the Department of Integrated Population Registration Services.


The functions and mandate of the Service include: development of policies and laws on matters relating to citizenship, border control, foreign nationals, immigration, registration of births and deaths, identification and registration of persons and the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive national population register.

The management board is in the process of coming up with a Logo that will capture and symbolize the mandate Service.

To do this, it requires the competitive contribution of creative Kenyan designers to assist in designing a logo that captures the mandate, core principles and aspirations of the Service.

The Logo competition is open to Individuals, Firms and Companies in Kenya.

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